Wayne Lewis


A very informal guy in formal attire
A very informal guy in formal attire

I am a baby boomer, born and raised in Texas.  A former broadcast journalist, I covered hundreds of stories from light features to hard news. I always say that I’ve covered enough rapes, wrecks, murders and mobile home fires to last a lifetime.

I worked in broadcast TV management for over six years. I’ve produced or supervised the production of over 5,000 local TV commercials, over 4,000 live telecasts, hundreds of PSAs, promos, and public affairs programs. I’ve also written produced, directed and shot scores of corporate video presentations since 1990. I’ve produced executive speeches, radio commercials, product brochures, print ads and live corporate sales/marketing presentations.

I’ve always been called “creative” but I’m not sure that’s always a good thing.  I do love creative endeavors like writing, motion graphics in After Effects, cooking and gardening.  I’m also left handed so there’s all that right brain / left brain stuff going on up there.

I tend to be an introvert, but people also say I’m fun at parties.  Go figure.  I’m the least fun guy I know. The truth is that I’m much more awkward talking one-on-one with someone I just met than making an impromptu address to a large crowd.  Fortunately writing is a solitary craft, and I am enough of a curmudgeon to bear that solitude gladly.